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Movie Version 1   
This version, a pioneering effort in every respect, is extracted with permission from the video Performing Cicero’s Speeches: An Experimental Workshop produced by Jon Hall of the University of Otago, New Zealand and Robin Bond of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2002. The speaker is Robin Bond.

Movie Version 2   
This version offers another interpretation of the same text designed to reflect a different persona for the speaker and a different relationship between voice and gesture. The speaker is Bryan Lockett, who at the time was a C. Phil. in Classics at UCLA.

Movie Version 3 
Version 2 was filmed on an empty sound stage using a cordless microphone. The original was delivered in the open air of the Roman Forum before a presiding magistrate, a jury of probably dozens, the advocates and supporters of each side, and whatever kind of crowd was attracted by the proceedings. How would the need to project the voice under such conditions alter the timing and pace of the delivery? This version represents an initial response to that question.